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RM Converters is into rotogravure printing and lamination. The rotogravure printing process is one of the fine art processes used in flexible packaging industry. The company prints on all types of materials like polyester, OPP, Nylon, Aluminium Foil, Paper and PE, with a wide range of thickness of 8 to 110 microns.

With this technology, RM Converters provides packaging materials for all food and non food industries using different laminate structures as per customer’s specifications. We have a total capacity of 12,000 metric tons per annum. Read More

How Are We Different

  • Our Experience Is Deep
    20+ years of acquaintance in the industry
  • Our Approch is Different
    Strategic, Steered, and significant
  • Our Perspective is powerful
    Appropriate directions, at the appropriate time
  • Our Focus is Narrow
    Expertise in wealth management


  • BOBST 8 Colour, 1250 mm Width, Shaft Less 350 mtr/min speed fully loaded printing machine
  • FKI Taiwan make fully loaded Co Extrusion Lamination machine with on line anchoring and VMCH single colour printing attachment, 1500 mm width 250mtr/min speed
  • Solvent Less Lamination Machine 350 mtr/min. Inspection machine of 500 mtr/min
  • 600 mtr/min Speed Slitting Machine
  • Doctoring Machine
  • 100% Hanging System
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