Liquid Packaging Material - Frozen Products

Common Structure
  • Pet / Poly
  • Pet / Nylon Poly
  • PA / PE
  • Pet / Anti-fog CPP
  • PA / Anti-fog CPP
Special Features
  • Excellent Seal Strength
  • Moisture and Oxygen Barrier
  • Can withstand Freezing Temperatures

Seafood packaging has undergone a tremendous change over the past decade. The heightened awareness among the public and the growing urgency for tougher quality norms have brought about a sea change in quality packaging materials as well. The delicate nature of seafood products and rising demand for processed, packed, and convenient, ready-to-eat products has also contributed to the need for more versatile packaging materials. This has resulted in more opportunities for seafood packaging materials manufacturers.

RM Converters known for producing good quality seafood packaging materials that helps to preserve the quality of packed meat, poultry, and seafood items. Not only do the packaging materials offered by RM Converters provide for better shelf life but also provides for minimizing the effects of spoilage as well as for facilitating easy opening and resealing capabilities. Environment friendly, the packaging materials are non-toxic, safe to use, Air-tight, Leak proof, Smooth and easy-open tear-notches & Non sticky and are resistant to extreme temperatures.

The growing chorus for viable economy products will also fuel the need for increasing incorporation of value added features like zipper closures; the expanding number of meat and poultry items in smaller, more convenient sizes; and the growing range of products that are further processed. This in turn will up the need for seafood packaging materials that facilitate easy preparation and storage capabilities as well. A US origin report "Meat, Poultry & Seafood Packaging to 2015" has stated that the US demand for meat, poultry and seafood packaging will increase 3.0 percent per annum to $9.2 billion in 2015 which means growing export opportunities for countries like India, Japan, etc.

RM Converters is well placed to meet the demand for packaging materials that is slated to rise with growing export demand in coming years. Furthermore, the company is going in for the usage of heftier polyethylene-based materials and overall consumer convenience facility to help make the packages light yet strong enough to gain wide acceptability.

When you look to buy seafood packaging materials, look upto RM Converters for not only the packaging materials preserve the freshness of seafood products, but will also enhance the viability of the products and their visual appeal.

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