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Excellent Machinability,
Moisture Barrier.

Food industry is one of the most quality conscious industries that is growing at a fast clip with each passing day. This in turn has brought in issues of safety and quality. With globalization has come increasing implementation by manufacturers of food packaging materials and producers and sellers of food of rules of quality and safety that ensure that no food contact materials present a health risk for consumers.

Strict laws exist prohibiting the sale of equipment or packages containing toxic or harmful substances that could be deleterious to human health as well as inspection of domestic food-business facilities, import notification requirements, monitoring and testing requirements, and the imposition of penalties. This in turn has led to the need for greater quality packaging materials.

Its here RM Converters is well placed since the company adheres to norms that calls for greater protection of food inside the package for the required shelf life as well as greater sustainability of its availability in a particular area. In addition,

Food Packaging Industry

RM Converters ensure that the

food packaging supplies

are fool proof enough to keep the food product clean, protect it from dirt, water, light, insects and rodents, etc and prevent any kind of damage either during transportation or distribution.

RM Converters food packaging materials can also be custom printed with required messages, logos and designs for food packaging items like food packaging foils, food packaging laminates, cookies packaging, bread packaging material, chips packaging, chocolate packaging, wafer packaging, etc.

In line with our quality conscious reputation, RM Converters food packaging materials are all hygienically manufactured to ensure that the color, flavor and nutrition values of food content inside the package are maintained. Available in a fascinating depth of colors that increases the appeal of our packaging materials, they are also moisture proof, durable and sturdy and preserve the freshness of dry, liquid, aseptic, and retort food products.

Food packaging materials from RM Converters are also sturdy enough to deliver strength for bulk-pack pet food, chemical, or industrial goods as well. Harness the versatility of packaging materials from RM Converters to create a more superior brand image for your food products.

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