Flexible Packaging Material - Groceries - Flour, Spices, Rice, Salt, Tea & Coffee etc.

Common Structure
  • Pet / Poly
  • Met Pet / Poly
  • Pet / Met Pet / Poly
  • Pet / Alu Foil / Poly
Special Features
  • Excellent Machinability
  • Excellent Moisture Barrier
  • Aroma Retention

A wide range of Flexible Packaging Materials offered by RM Converters are used for specialized applications in different industries. These Laminates can be configured to various substrates resulting in greater strength as well as enhanced barrier properties. This in turn assures effective protection to products that are Printed Packaging Materials and also assure it of longer shelf life.

Flexible Packaging laminates / Flexible Laminated Packaging is suitable for

  • Products that require to be cooked, hot-filled, etc
  • Chemical type products
  • Products requiring high temperature processes
  • Specialist applications that require long shelf life and convenience

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