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Copier Wrappers Packaging Material

Common Structure


Pet / Paper
BOPP / Pape

Special Features


Good Machinability.

RM Converters specializes in eco packaging material,

copier wrappers packaging material

that's resin-based and can be used repeatedly. The paper laminated rolls material for copier wrappers has sufficient slitting and making capacity to fulfill customer's requirements. These

Printed laminated rolls

packaging materials are completely resistant to damage from paper clips and other soft metal items.

In keeping with the company’s policy of customer-friendly approach, the resin-based packaging materials are delivered simply wrapped in damage-protection film.

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Committed team of qualified and experienced professionals. State-of-the-art production facility. Well maintained shop floor
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Working closely with customers, we constantly improve upon our products, upgrade our process methodologies & generate customer-friendly solutions.

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