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Agricultural Packaging Material – Seeds, Chemicals and Fertilizers

Common Structure


Pet / Poly
Pet / Met Pet / Poly
Pet / Alu Foil / Poly

Special Features


Excellent Machinability,
Seal Strength,
Chemical Resistance,
Extended Shelf Life.

Once the exclusive domain of a selected few farmers and rich people having homes with gardens, agricultural products from Seeds to Chemicals and Fertilizers, today agricultural packaging material are commonly used in practically every field or garden.

The onset of high technology in agriculture brought about a remarkable transformation in agricultural products, their packaging methodologies and the packaging materials used for packing the agricultural products.

The past few years has seen a new generation of packaging materials that are ecological-friendly and recyclable.

RM Converters is a leader in providing world class

packaging supplies

materials for Agricultural products from Seeds to Fertilizers and Chemicals. Supplied in a host of colors and designs, the packaging materials can also be used to create a good sales strategy. The packaging materials also use additives to increase the heat resistance of the material and absorb humidity, both of which are a bonus in packaging.

The demand for agricultural packaging material lawn and garden consumables will reach high levels in the coming years across the globe according to a well known American company’s report. The report also disclosed that as the housing market evolves and new lawns and gardens are planted, the demand for seeds, fertilizers and chemicals will continue to increase.

RM Converters with its extensive expertise and technological capabilities in agricultural products agricultural packaging materials is well placed to cater to the surging demand for

quality packaging supplies

materials and ensure that the customers get the best of well packaged agricultural products.

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